About Us

About Vivekanadna Kendra Training Institute for Excellence

Project Title -    VK- TIE SOLAPUR
                                          (Vivekananda Kendra Training Institute for Excellence, Solapur) 

Project Location -     Vivekananda Kendra Training Institute for Excellence  
                                                    Plot No.12-22, Pranav Nagari, Majrewadi, Jule Solapur,                                                          Maharashtra. Contact - 7588610668, 9423526118

Vision -          Human Excellence – Through YOGA way of Life

·         To expand the awareness and benefits of YOGA and its application for holistic living and bringing harmony in the changing social dynamics.  To develop and spread Yoga modules in various sectors to help them develop their own self and improve the society to live healthier.

To study the latest management techniques and its unification with Indian culture as per the scriptures. Organize courses for administrators, professionals and youths in holistic management based on relevant essence from Indian scriptures like Vedanta,  Bhagvat Gita  and Arthashastra etc.

Mission -    
           Training of Individuals, Professionals, Teachers, Students, Businessman’s in achieving the Excellence in one’s own field through Yoga Way of Life based on the vision of ONENESS.